Why to Get Security Lighting from an Electrical Contractor in Houston

Electrical Contractor in Houston

Electrical Contractor in Houston

Commercial security lights are carefully designed and positioned so that they illuminate potential intruders. Some units use timers, motion detection or light sensors to automate lighting. They can be installed on any shop, restaurant or office by a licensed electrical contractor in Houston. This equipment will deliver at least seven noteworthy benefits if your company uses and maintains it correctly.

Better Protection

Security lighting provides a cost-effective way to deter various types of criminals, such as vandals, arsonists and thieves. It draws attention to them, so passersby or neighboring businesses are more likely to call the police. This keeps employees safe and prevents the loss of products, cash or equipment. It also helps you avoid costly business disruptions.

Less Liability

Employees or customers could take legal action against your company if they suffer injuries on its property. This may result in massive legal expenses and negative media attention. Better lighting reduces the risk of darkness-related accidents, including slips, trips and falls. It also decreases the likelihood that criminals will assault or rob people near your business.

Insurance Savings

An insurance agency might charge lower rates if your company possesses security lighting. Even when insurers don’t provide such discounts, crime-deterring lights could help you save money in the long run. Insurance providers frequently increase their premiums after businesses make theft or vandalism claims. The same is true when insurers must compensate injured customers or workers.

Security Equipment

This type of lighting often improves the performance of other security devices. For example, it may enhance surveillance camera footage by illuminating the area when motion is detected. Such lights also add another layer of deterrence. They can convince criminals to go elsewhere before alarms are triggered. This reduces the likelihood that thieves will damage windows or doors.

Visitor Perceptions

People tend to feel safer when they visit buildings that have security lighting. This could enable your business to attract new customers and employees more easily, especially if it stays open at night. Potential buyers are more likely to look at the vehicles in a used car lot or “window-shop” a gift store when such businesses are thoroughly illuminated.

Conserve Energy

Some security lights feature technology that saves substantial amounts of electrical power. For instance, a motion-activated lamp will stay lighted many fewer hours than a manually controlled fixture. The same goes for units that turn on during the night and switch off at daybreak. This feature can extend the lifespans of certain types of bulbs as well.

Resale Value

If you plan on selling your commercial building, keep in mind that buyers might pay somewhat more if it has security lighting. Such fixtures also prevent graffiti and other vandalism that can reduce a property’s selling price. A higher property value often means that commercial tenants will spend more to rent your building as well.


Be sure to contact a licensed, insured commercial electrician if you decide to install this equipment. These professionals know how to wire lights in the safest manner. A skilled contractor can optimize their security benefits while preventing fires and other damage that might result from shoddy electrical work. To ensure safety and lasting benefits, it’s worth spending the money to hire a professional.

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