Wall and Ceiling Systems

During a new commercial construction project or a remodel, the type of wall and ceiling systems you choose to install can make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your space. Wall and ceiling systems act as the foundation of your building and shoddy workmanship will be evident if proper installation is not achieved.

Initial Design Considerations

When first deciding on wall and ceiling systems, you need to think about what you want the space to achieve. Is your focus on creating a modern, tech-centric office? Or are you looking for a greener, environmentally friendly office? With our team at Full Moon Builders, we can discuss all of your renovation and building options.

Energy efficiency has been a major concern as building owners look to cut high utility costs. By installing well-insulated materials, you’ll reduce heating and air conditioning bills dramatically. There are several innovations you may also consider to make improvements to your commercial space. For instance, drop ceilings are an option that can make the installation of mechanical systems much more convenient. Drop ceilings, also frequently called suspended ceilings, allow for easy access and repair to many electrical and plumbing systems. Drop ceiling are also ideal if you’re looking for better soundproofing capabilities over drywall. Soundproofing can also be addressed when discussing the type of walls you want installed in your building. There are several insulation types, such as brands constructed out of mineral wool, rock wool, and thermal materials to help the walls better absorb sound.

Material Types

Mineral fiber ceiling panels are one cost-effective option that allows for design versatility. These types of ceilings offer moderate acoustic support and fireproofing. Fiberglass ceilings have a similar level of protection, but also are moisture resistant. This feature is especially important in spaces containing bathrooms and kitchens. Classic Styrofoam ceiling tiles are considered timeless and are often recommended in areas like waiting rooms. Wood ceilings are used in projects where the owner is aiming to create a more modern look while maintaining great acoustics within the space. High-traffic retail locations may want the durability that comes by installing metal-based ceiling systems.

Wall materials can be just as versatile as the types utilized in ceiling systems. The wall panels you choose for your office space can also include mineral fiber, wood, and metal materials to further create a space that feels modern. If you’re looking for an economical way to give a space the impression of a wood finish, you can choose a Marlite finish. Slate wall panels protect the walls from damage and have a large number of design options available. If you’re looking to keep a space open and airy, you may want to discuss adding translucent walls.

With so many choices now available on the market, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with what exactly you should select to update your office. However, don’t let budgetary concerns stop you from making the necessary renovations. Most projects can be tailored to meet any budget.

Safety Considerations

Although looks are important when choosing the walls and ceiling systems for your commercial building, you also need to insure that the space is well protected. Many ceiling and wall panels go through processing in order to prevent serious damage from occurring due to fire or water exposure. Fire-retardant panels keep flames from spreading in a building while moisture-resistant building materials prevent issues such as mold contamination and the presence of mildew.

Houston Wall and Ceiling Systems

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