Retail Build Out

Full Moon Builders is proud to provide a full range of retail build out services in the Houston, TX area. We do more than just lay floors, build walls, and install ceiling systems. Whether building out a new space or renovating an old, we can provide you with walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, lighting, electricity and plumbing. With over twenty years of experience, you can be sure that our trained professionals have the knowledge and skills needed to make your project a success.

Full Service Retail Build Out

  • Experience

    Your work will be done by our highly-trained staff. We have a history of happy clients behind us and we bring all that experience to your project.

  • Quality Assurance

    We inspect all our work numerous times to make sure it is sound and won’t cause issues for you. Pride in our work  makes it impossible to provide you with less than our best, whether it is material or labor.

  • Convenience

    We don’t want to disrupt your business any longer than is absolutely necessary. When you first hire us, we will discuss how long your project will take and what times are most convenient to get the work completed. We make every effort to complete our work within the time stated so you can get back to running your business unhampered.

  • Craftsmanship

    You don’t want someone who will simply nail a few boards together, slap on some paint and call the project complete. Your building is a very large projection of you and your business and any retail build out that is done must positively impact that projection. We are expert craftsman and will use the latest methods in creating a building that you will be proud to allow others to visit. It isn’t all about looks, however; we also make sure the work is done well, the structure strong and the material used able to withstand use over time. Retail build out is more than boards, nails and paint; it is a craft that takes a skilled hand and a love of the work to make it all come together in a beautiful reflection of the people who occupy the building.

  • Rules and Regulations

    With any retail build out, there are numerous city and county regulations that must be taken into consideration. We make it our business to keep abreast of all these regulations to make sure your project falls within the required guidelines. We guarantee that all our work will meet building and fire standards and you will not be subject to having the work redone in order to avoid being fined. The worst thing that can happen is being all excited about finally opening, or reopening, your business and finding out it has to be delayed because something does not meet required safety standards. We will not let that happen.

Retail Build Out Experts

With our experience, we can make sure no details are left out. More than that, once working on your project, you will find we give it our all. Your satisfaction is our greatest reward and we will strive to earn that with our dependability, experience and professional manner.

Whether your retail build out project is a simple floor re-install or a complete new building, it is important to us. We will answer your questions, make suggestions and take the time to find out exactly what you envision. Contact us to let us know what you are looking to have done, or call us at (713) 504-4411.