Parking Lot Lighting

In addition to pouring smooth, level parking lots that are designed to last, Full Moon Builders also prides ourselves on the installation of parking lot lighting. Parking lot lighting not only provides security and comfort to you customers, employees, residents or families, it significantly increases the value of your completed development, while decreasing the chance of lawsuit and liability.


When planning for parking lot lighting, first and foremost, you need lighting you can depend on. When visitors and employees need to get to their vehicles, they need to know they can see what may be in the way. Tripping and falling on an unseen object can result in severe injury that causes great pain to the victim, and may end up resulting in hundreds of dollars in medical costs for your company. We make sure all lighting we install will be reliable and won’t leave those who use it stumbling around in the dark.


It is essential that those who install electrical wiring for any kind of lighting be trained and licensed to do so. This is necessary because electrical fires can be some of the worst there are. Any wiring, when installed incorrectly is a fire risk. When working with outdoor wiring, the addition of the elements adds an even greater risk. One wrong connection or one ungrounded wire can result in an electrical fire that will be fueled by the gas in the vehicles parked in your lot. The fire can quickly spread to the surrounding buildings. With all the wiring involved in parking lot lighting, only hiring someone trained in correct installation of such can be trusted.

Parking Lot Lighting Experts

Here at Full Moon Builders, you can rest easily knowing none of your electrical installation will be done by unqualified amateurs. We are not only trained in the proper techniques, but we make sure to keep abreast of all the current electrical codes and installation techniques to make sure your parking lot lighting is installed in a way to insure the greatest possible safety.

Of course, you want parking lot lighting that is safe and reliable, but you also want it to look appealing. We can help you choose the kind of lighting that will best serve your needs and will look well with the overall appearance of your property. We understand that the parking area may be the first impression others get of your business and you want it to be a positive reflection. The choices for parking area lighting are many, ranging from solar lights to all electricity. Placement of lighting is also important. All of this is something we have experience in providing and can help you with all the details. This is your project. Our aim is to do it in a way that provides you with what you envision.

Full Service Contractors

We understand that your needs are unique to you and don’t want to force you into a one-size-fits-all situation. We will show you the options we feel best meets your needs and tell you why. We will answer whatever questions you have so that you can feel confident you have made a choice that will keep your parking lot safe, lit and looking good for a long time to come. Contact us today to discuss your parking lot lighting needs. (713) 504-4411