Land Clearing & Dirt Work Houston

Full Moon Builders provides some of the best land clearing and dirt work Houston has to offer. Real estate developers and construction companies alike depend on us for our exceptional work, from start to finish.

Laying a Solid Foundation

No matter how big or small your construction plans, dirt work is very important. Whether residential or commercial, proper land clearing and dirt work allow for optimal grading, sloping, filling, pouring and ballast, which are all essential for the long-term durability of your chosen structure.

landing clearing and dirt work houstonWhile it may seem like dirt work is a fairly simple process, we realize that no two jobs are ever the same. This is especially true of dirt work, also known as site excavation. Getting a great quality job done depends on careful adherence to best practices and safety guidelines. You can trust our veteran team of experts to know the codes, process and industry best practices to get the job done to your specifications, safely and smoothly.

Permits & Utilities

While land clearing and dirt work are often included in the building permit, we will double check to ensure there are no delays in the start or completion of your construction project. Permits very from place to place, especially in certain areas, such as wetlands or protected areas. If something’s missing, we’ll notify the correct parties and attempt to bring it to completion.

Before any work begins, we’ll also reach out to the utility providers. They will work with our team to identify and mark any unground utilities that could potentially make digging or building hazardous or challenging.

Site Survey

In addition to permits and utilities, we’ll perform an extensive site survey. This will establish the most important information we need to know about your property before getting started. It will include a current layout, historical layout, confirmation of property boundaries, and identify any underground rock excavation needed to get the job done right.

Service Consolidation

Having your site developers and construction contractors to be the ones to complete your land clearing and dirt work is ideal. Accurate communications, consistency and commitment are just a few of the many benefits to combining these jobs in to the same company.

Waste Removal

Proper waste removal is important for any project. We will make sure that any Houston land clearing or dirt work waste is disposed of properly and responsibly. In most cases, our waste will be recycled into another project or opportunity. If hazardous materials are involved, our trained professionals will oversee all necessary disposal and documentation.

Land Clearing and Dirt Work Houston

Regardless of what type of work you need done, Full Moon Builders is equipped to provide you with the best dirt work Houston has to offer. Every project, every time. We promote quality planning, design, and construction in all we do. With over twenty years of experience, our services can assist you with everything from land clearing, dirt work, site evaluation, planning, funds management, and even post construction warranty.

If you would like to learn more about Full Moon Builders contact us today. We are a general commercial construction contractor.  Call us today for a free site assessment and quote, (713) 504-4411.

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