Commercial Concrete Contractor Houston

Commercial Concrete Contractor Houston
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Full Moon Builders is best known for project and commercial construction management and our expertise as the best commercial concrete contractor Houston has to offer. Our team has extensive construction experience in both public and private sectors in concrete construction. Concrete construction virtually covers every building type including; hi-tech facilities, medical offices, educational facilities, convention centers and residential construction. Full Moon Builders uses different types of concrete to build various facilities:


    • The trouble-free concrete slab.

      This type of concrete is suitable for driveways, garages, basements and industrial floors. The team ensures that proper procedures and practices are adhered to, ensure a superior and long lasting performance.

    • Cold Weather Concreting.

      This is a concreting that is created as a result of air temperature falling below 40 degrees during the protection period. Full Moon Builders ensures that all the concrete is protected from freezing until it reaches a given comprehensive strength of 500psi. Finally, they are cured to provide the quality concrete.

    • Finishing Air-Entrained Concrete.

      Air-entrained concrete is a type of concrete that uses air-entraining cement or sometimes air-entraining admixture in producing a system of fine air bubbles that are usually less than one millimeter in diameter. The mixture is normally sandwiched between the hardened cement pastes. The bubbles are developed during the mixing process by the best commercial concrete contractor Houston has to offer. The general use of the air entraining concrete is for freezing or thaw resistance. The air spaces in the concrete will provide a pressure relief in the event of freezing. This pressure relief allows water inside to freeze without causing internal stress.

    • Hot Weather Concreting.

      This type of concrete is created when the temperatures are allowed to go up to seventy degrees. There are, however, various precaution measures that are put in place because of the high temperatures involved.

    • Engineered Cementious Composite Link Slabs.

      These types of slabs have been used for some time to limit cracking and also to bring out the aspect of ductility in the concrete. The ductility feature makes it a “bendable concrete”. The engineered cementious composite link slabs are usually made using cement, fly ash admixtures, water, and fibers.  The most distinctive mechanical feature in this kind of slab is the ultimate tensile. Its ultimate tensile normally has strain capacity of three to five percent. To increase the ductility of the concrete, microcracks are formed in large numbers with a lot of weight. The load will normally allow the material to deform other objects, making the strain capacity of these slabs three hundred times the capacity of normal concrete.

    • Concrete Drying.

      Finally, we also specialize in drying concretes. Unwanted moisture in your concrete can be very harmful and can cause damage to buildings. Some of the problems that are commonly caused by the excessive moisture include: trip and fall hazards, microbial growth, de-bonding of floor coverings and deterioration of the building finishes. Full Moon Builders, the best commercial concrete contractor Houston has to offer, handles the curing and drying of these concretes to prevent such harmful problems.

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