5 Ways to Remodel Your Office to Attract and Retain Customers!

Houston Storefront Glass

According to KISSMetrics, the average value of a client is approximate $243. Approximately 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels. The way you treat customers is a huge factor. However, people rarely talk about the atmosphere of the business. The way your company is set up has a positive or negative influence on customer experience.

Remodeling your office increases retention and acquisition of new business. Depending on the type of remodeling, the company may even lower employee turnover ratios as well because workers appreciate a better work space.

To improve your business, we wrote this article to give you five simple office remodel ideas. This way you stay ahead of the game!

1. Storefront Glass

The storefront glass is crucial to attracting new business. Houston storefront glass must be eye-catching and give customers an understanding of the type of business. We recommend upgrading the storefront glass to be modernized to accentuate the outside appearance of your office. Depending on the business, you can choose different glass material and aesthetics.

2. Upgrade Technology

Upgrading technology will improve productivity and retain employees, but it also makes it easier to provide great customer service. Imagine having a big TV in the office to show clients paperwork or various images better? Employees can take care of clients faster with new technology. These are great remodeling upgrades you can consider.

3. Furniture

The front office is the primary place where customers wait. How comfortable they feel while they wait determines their experience. You want to make sure they always feel welcomed and relaxed. Having rich furniture that is visually appealing will help your business tremendously in acquiring and retaining customers. Make sure your Houston storefront glass accentuates your furniture and brings plenty of natural light into your space. You can work closely with an interior designer or go to a furniture store to explore your options.

4. Flooring

Floors get walked on every day. With time, this creates a lot of wear and tear. This could become a hazard in the future, which may but your business at risk. We suggest remodeling the floors to keep it safe. This is also something to consider if you decide to upgrade the furniture. You want to make sure the new furniture matches the flooring and walls. You can replace the entire floor or repair certain areas if you only need minor changes.

5. Add Some Color

As you make changes to your office, consider adding some color to the walls, storefront glass, or furniture. This depends on your preference. Some prefer subtle colors while other businesses benefit from adding bold colors that stand out! Remember to pick colors wisely and make sure it matches with the rest of the office remodel. Take your time making this decision. You don’t want to rush a remodeling job because these can be costly.

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